1. Andre

    User Review - HT F801W WIFI 2.4G RC Quadcopter

    Product link: HT F801W WIFI 2.4G RC Quadcopter Full Discloser. GearBest.Com sent the HT 801W for review. I forked out $22.26 in fees, taxes and what not to DHL. On to the review. The 801 is actually pretty neat. It's WIFI camera feature interested me. I figured it would be handy in some...
  2. JasonEricAnderson

    Phone App for RC pilots: What would you want in it?

    What would you want in an app aimed at RC pilots? Of the listed features what is the most important to you as an RC pilot? What feature is missing from the list?
  3. StoneKap

    Shooting an episode with an iPhone.

    We get so many questions about the gear we use on the show. We've been tossing around the idea of shooting an episode with the iPhone. Why? Just to see the difference. Many people think the show is good because of the cameras we use. So what if we go LoFi? Will it destroy the show? Any thoughts?