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  1. OGnapkin

    RC Freewing Rebel 70 V2 EDF jet $130

    Jet in pristine condition, reinforced wings with tape. I am selling the jet without batteries or a receiver. It has a 70mm EDF unit and is a joy to fly. very stable and fast. I am only selling because I have no more room and want other planes. I live on long island. message me in you are near me.
  2. OGnapkin

    Landing Jets

    Hey i got a rebel 70 from motion rc and it is my first ducted fan aircraft and i am having trouble landing it properly. since there is no prop to slow it down, i usually come in too quick. anyone have any tips to land easier?
  3. F2G2Corsair

    Cold War Jets, EDF Series Please!

    Hi everyone. One of my favorite Flite Test designs was the FT Viggen, and I was wondering if the Flite Test Team could do a Cold War Jet EDF Series this winter. I would love to see the F-105 Thunderchief built much like the Viggen was. How about we put it to a vote? Each person vote for the Cold...
  4. Konrad

    Freewing 90mm EDF fan (rotor hub ID)

    Help. As my project jet is a Freewing 90mm F-16 sold with a 6 cell outrunner EDF system I'm posting here under "Warbirds". This is because I can't find a dedicated forum for EDFs here on the FT form site. What I’m looking for some information on the Freewing/Changesun 90mm 12 bladed...
  5. S

    Best Fpv #20 - Crashes, Bi-Planes, Jets, and More!

    Hey guys! I just wanted to share one of my videos. It's part of a series where I fly fpv with my buddies and take the best clips, compiling them into a short video. If you like what you see you can check out my other videos on my youtube channel. Let me know if you guys have any suggestions...
  6. P

    Man Cave Honor

    We live in a world that has walls, and those walls have to be guarded by men. Who's gonna do it? You're wife?! You have a greater responsibility than she could possibly fathom. You weep to become a bachelor again, and you curse the day you lost it. You don't have that luxury anymore, the luxury...