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Landing Jets

Hey i got a rebel 70 from motion rc and it is my first ducted fan aircraft and i am having trouble landing it properly. since there is no prop to slow it down, i usually come in too quick. anyone have any tips to land easier?


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On my Diamonds I cut the power (zero throttle) very early, about twice the distance away (or more) than I do for my prop planes and bring her in for a long low glide.

i would do that with mine but mine is not much of a glider. once i cut the power, it'll start to drop shortly after. it is the same basic airframe as the habu


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I ran into this issue early on myself.

What I would suggest is to get a feel for the aircraft's glide slope under idle/no power. You can do this at a safe height to keep yourself from tip stalling to close to the ground.

Get to a comfortable altitude, turn into the wind and when you are on a good vector cut the power. Let the nose drop, do not try to keep the altitude using the elevator. Just let it glide down naturally. Do this for a few passes. Heck, burn an entire battery doing unpowered passes. Make sure you pour on the coals and build up speed well before your next turn.

Once you get the feel for how it behaves, bring it down to land. Again, do not try to fight the glide and drop too much airspeed. Once you get close to the ground then slowly start pulling back on the stick. If you have gear let it settle. If you are belly landing on grass wait until you think you are going to stall then flare and plop.

You will get the hang of it.