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jumper t16

  1. FoamyDM

    FoamyDM - Buddy Boxing - Let the Family Journey BEGIN!

    What I knew from the Start I have realized with my journey through this Hobby over the last few years, That If I was going to truly engage my 2 sons in this Hobby with me, I would need to find a way to reduce the risk of accidents as they learned. My oldest has a tendency like most pre-teens to...
  2. D

    Umx plane not work on jumper T16

    I’m having issues with using the JunperT16 pro with the BnF umx sports cub the video is exactly what I have plane and tx the module binds but no control they just go crazy and the jumper keeps saying telemetry lost telemetry recovered over and over. Funny thing is I came from Futaba 14SG and I...
  3. bracesport

    FS-i6s and Jumper T16

    Here we go then! Let's be sure we are all talking about this little guy - the FSi6s? For those who are having issues with Rx's is there any reason you are not using the Rx that comes with it? You need AFHDS 2A spec'd Rx's for use with the i6s. There are no preset setups so to run ailerons you...