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Umx plane not work on jumper T16

I’m having issues with using the JunperT16 pro with the BnF umx sports cub the video is exactly what I have plane and tx the module binds but no control they just go crazy and the jumper keeps saying telemetry lost telemetry recovered over and over.

Funny thing is I came from Futaba 14SG and I got a dx9 module made up years ago for the bnf stuff and it works perfectly with the umx sports cub.

Just when I thought I was out Futaba pulled me back in.

Any ideas on what going on with the J Tx?
thanks champs


Master member
The only thing that I have seen is a lot of trouble with the Jumper card reader as all model information is stored on the card not the transmitter from what I understand.


Elite member
We would need to see all the set up screens as screenshots.
Are you using the Companion on a PC or doing it on the TX?
Also look at the channel order, that’s the most common mistake. Spektrum is TAER, Open TX is AETR default.
Thanks for the replies guys I’ll post some screen shots, as for the channel mapping I could get some delayed movement on rudder elev and ail so I think the mapping is ok but will take another look at it, I had a reply on FB and it sounds like it’s a know issue with and should be fixed when the official release of OpenTX comes out.