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  1. L

    Wooden knife for prepping foam-board joints

    Here is a quick tip that I would like to share after building a couple of Tiny Trainers with my young boys. It was difficult for them to peel the waste foam out of "A" and "B" folds and at the edges of body panels. I had scored the foam-board paper, but it was difficult for them to cut the...
  2. The Alpine Ace

    Jobs/Careers Related to RC aircraft flying/building/designing

    Everyone wants a job. Everyone [here] loves playing with airplanes. So what are the best opportunities to combine the two? I myself am going into Aerospace Engineering or Astrological Engineering, but there are plenty of young kids and teens out there who love flying RC, that are curious to what...
  3. A

    Flite test Flying families

    I have two little boys and they love planes. What kid doesn't? Anyway flite test has built some really great planes. I have done scratch build because I am very fast at this type of stuff. I said OK now time to decorate your planes. So the dinosaurs came out. My older boy has started to...
  4. L

    Granddaughter's first build FT Flyer

    Hi Flyers, I am so proud of my granddaughter. She said that she wanted to build something. When I ask what she said an airplane. We settled on the FT Flyer. She is 12 years old and had learned to use a hot glue gun in school. She transferred patterns, cut the foam with hobby knives and glued up...
  5. T

    online free stuff donations

    This is an idea I had when I saw how expensive it could be for an absolute beginner to get started. I don't know about others, but I have a cupboard full of stuff do do with RC. Some of it I will use, some of it I know I won't. It's limited space and a need to get organised that makes me...
  6. 4

    Scratchbuilt Chuck Glider

    My 7 year old wants to build a glider out of Dollar Tree Foamboard. (which, when at Dollar Tree with my wife the other day, used his own money to buy a sheet of foam board :-) Dave Powers had some kids glider plans back in the day, but I was thinking something with an airfoiled (sp?) wing would...