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  1. The Alpine Ace

    Jobs/Careers Related to RC aircraft flying/building/designing

    Everyone wants a job. Everyone [here] loves playing with airplanes. So what are the best opportunities to combine the two? I myself am going into Aerospace Engineering or Astrological Engineering, but there are plenty of young kids and teens out there who love flying RC, that are curious to what...
  2. A

    Flite test Flying families

    I have two little boys and they love planes. What kid doesn't? Anyway flite test has built some really great planes. I have done scratch build because I am very fast at this type of stuff. I said OK now time to decorate your planes. So the dinosaurs came out. My older boy has started to...
  3. L

    Granddaughter's first build FT Flyer

    Hi Flyers, I am so proud of my granddaughter. She said that she wanted to build something. When I ask what she said an airplane. We settled on the FT Flyer. She is 12 years old and had learned to use a hot glue gun in school. She transferred patterns, cut the foam with hobby knives and glued up...
  4. T

    online free stuff donations

    This is an idea I had when I saw how expensive it could be for an absolute beginner to get started. I don't know about others, but I have a cupboard full of stuff do do with RC. Some of it I will use, some of it I know I won't. It's limited space and a need to get organised that makes me...
  5. 4

    Scratchbuilt Chuck Glider

    My 7 year old wants to build a glider out of Dollar Tree Foamboard. (which, when at Dollar Tree with my wife the other day, used his own money to buy a sheet of foam board :-) Dave Powers had some kids glider plans back in the day, but I was thinking something with an airfoiled (sp?) wing would...