Granddaughter's first build FT Flyer


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Hi Flyers,

I am so proud of my granddaughter. She said that she wanted to build something. When I ask what she said an airplane. We settled on the FT Flyer. She is 12 years old and had learned to use a hot glue gun in school. She transferred patterns, cut the foam with hobby knives and glued up almost all of it by herself so far.Today she applied the packing tape and centered the servos. I am letting her use a power pod from my other swappables.
ftf0003.jpg ftf0002.jpg

She searched the internet and found a color scheme to use. The FT on the bottom was completely her idea. I thought some folks might like that.

She has flown her Intruder quad but no fixed wing yet. We can hardly wait to finish.I had to make her stop tonight so we could get some rest. Her brother who is eight years old has flown my micro Super Cub and his own Intruder.
This is a great way to enjoy the hobby.
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