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Scratchbuilt Chuck Glider


Junior Member
My 7 year old wants to build a glider out of Dollar Tree Foamboard. (which, when at Dollar Tree with my wife the other day, used his own money to buy a sheet of foam board :) Dave Powers had some kids glider plans back in the day, but I was thinking something with an airfoiled (sp?) wing would be better.

Perhaps a scaled down Simple Soarer.

Any other ideas?


Dedicated foam bender
I think the scaled down SS is a great idea for him to get started with. My first plane was a stick balsa and tissue free-flight. I spent a lot of time building and then repairing with very little actual flight time. I think the foam will be ever so much more forgiving and since it's so cheap, he'll be able to try more things with little investment.


Junior Member
I went with the scaled down SS. I just printed 2 sheets per page, so I figure it's around 45%. I don't know how it's gonna fly, but it's going to be cute.

I actually have a One Sheet Glider all drawn out and ready to cut on a piece of foam board around here somewhere...

I decided that the SS build looked easier.
have you seen the AirHogs Titan? its a big foamy chuck glider for kids. takes less than a minute to put together and it flies amazingly well.