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kiss fc

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    Help! Need help please!!!!!!!!

    I have a 6 inch alien frame with a kiss FC and 25 amp kiss ESCs. The issue I have is that I just recently flashed the kiss FC to betaflight, which was a little difficult but I was able to finally get it done but I'm afraid I borked the mcu in the process because now the blue light on the board...
  2. N

    Racerstar 30a esc freak out with Kiss FC

    I have recently finished a quad build, but once I arm the quad and apply throttle the motors don't spin until i give full throttle and the escs begin to beep. There is no control over the motors and as far as I can tell everything is wired correctly. I have manually calibrated the esc using the...
  3. L

    Issue With Taranis

    So I have just built a new quad with Kiss Fc and ESC's, but all my controls are very delayed as seen in the short video below. Could this have something to do with the taranis, or would it be a quad issue. I have tried to re flash both the FC and the ESC's but had no luck...
  4. S

    Kiss fc issue with booting

    I recently built an alien and everything works but i have an issue when i plug my battery in sometimes it does not flash the blue light and nothing happens and wont connect to the gui but if i hold the button on the controller will connect to the computer and then i can plug my battery in have...
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    Kiss FC GUI (can not get it to connect to the FC)

    Hello all I guess i am not that bright. I have followed the instructions to get the FC to connect. I hold the boot loader button and i can see it in DfuseDemo I then start the Crome GUI - hold the bootloader button -----------nothing Windows 7 I have uninstalled everything - rebooted the...