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Racerstar 30a esc freak out with Kiss FC

I have recently finished a quad build, but once I arm the quad and apply throttle the motors don't spin until i give full throttle and the escs begin to beep. There is no control over the motors and as far as I can tell everything is wired correctly. I have manually calibrated the esc using the receiver, so I am pretty sure that the problem isn't the esc, but KissFC. Any help would be very much appreciated thank you!!


After messing with different settings I finally discovered that in a moment of idiotcy I flashed the kiss FC with the firmware for the all in one. Once I flashed the correct firmware the problem was solved!!


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Amazing how that all works. hehe I feel for you. I just went thru that flashing everything gig myself. Glad ya solved it on your own. GL with the quad and get us maiden video if you can.

BTW welcome to Flite Test. If you get time toss up a little blurb about yourself and what your interests in the hobby are and maybe what experience you have so we can better help you or maybe ask for your help at some point.


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Welcome to the forum :)

One suggestion I would make would be to calibrate all ESC's at the same time using the flight controller. This is because the ESC's receive their signal from the FC, not from the Tx directly.