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kk board

  1. N

    Problems with kk mini board

    I am having some problems with my kk mini board, which has worked previously but is now behaving strangely. I switched it on, did an ACC calibration and a receiver test, where it said everything was working fine. I then armed it and throttled up, but after around 3 seconds the motors stopped...
  2. MudMan

    Quad 250 Help

    Hey guys, first time here :D I've built a quad. obviously. I cant seem to get it stable.... I've calibrated everything as per instructions found here on the flite test site. Both the kk board and the qbrain quad esc work great in calibration mode but when i power up things go... hinky. I'm...
  3. Andre

    Andre's Multi RC HMB-235 Experience

    The HMB-235 before all the fun started :) Mark from http://www.multirc.com/ asked me to take a crack at their HMB-235 frame. He sent along a frame and some DAL BullNose 5x4.5 props. The rest of the gear I simply transferred from my 250 frame. HMB-235 packaged DAL BN Props My trusty 250...
  4. jaskoller

    KK2.1.5 Firmware Post for 2015

    I need some advice. I've been searching forums and the Internet for updated information but need some help. I'm getting ready to install my KK2.1.5 board on a fresh Tri, however, do you guys recommend flashing it to a different firmware like "Stevie's" or something else? I've read about a...
  5. J

    KK board vs Nano QX self level

    Hi all. I've started getting into multirotors on a recommendation from the videos. I bought a Nano QX and have been loving it. I'm starting to toy with the idea of building my first tri or quad in the next few months. I've become pretty decent at stability mode (self level) on the nano...
  6. Greg2B

    First Tricopter Build | BlueSkyRc Micro TriCopter

    I'm starting up another build and I'm going to attempt my first tricopter. Seeing David tri is probably one of the first thing that got me thinking about multi's but the using servo's scared me since I've never even really thought about them until I got into all this. Recently I just randomly...
  7. S

    KK board for Knuckle Quad

    I am a COMPLETE newbie with this stuff - but I can solder. I'm building a knuckle quad - so basically an 'X' quad. I've ordered a KK control board from HK. I'm freaking out about the issues I've been reading on the KK boards (boards burning, difficult set up) - is the documentation included...
  8. M

    RCTimer KK board

    http://www.rctimer.com/index.php?gOo=goods_details.dwt&goodsid=725&productname= ~ I found this KK board from RCTimer.com. Does anybody have experience with this board? I looks similar to other boards I've seen, and it's only $19 with the programming cable. There seem to be a lot of similar ones...