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Hey guys, first time here :D
I've built a quad. obviously. I cant seem to get it stable.... I've calibrated everything as per instructions found here on the flite test site. Both the kk board and the qbrain quad esc work great in calibration mode but when i power up things go... hinky. I'm pretty sure i have all the motors etc in the right channels, so i don't understand why it wont stay stable.... please see the linked video for the weird behaviour.


Thanks in advance ;)


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I would double and triple check all the connections and calibrate the ESCs again. Make sure the flight controller is oriented forward in relation to the motor layout and calibrated to a level surface again. Make sure all the esc's are in the correct order and orientation on the little 4way plug for the qbrain.

It seems to be behaving almost opposite of what you'd expect. If an outside force (your hand) tilts the quad, it should be trying to right itself, but instead the low side stopped spinning, correct?

Here's the q brain calibration video I found.

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In your video, is the flight controller sitting on the desk next to the quad? If so, tilting the quad won't have the desired affect since the FC isn't also tilting.


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Thanks guys :) C0d3M0nk3y That is the programmer, it comes seperate on some boards to save space and weight, nice catch though :D
JohnRambozo Im pretty sure i got all of that correct...... I'll have to check it again.... It really wierds me out though because sometimes the same tilting action does not result in the same propeller action..... :confused: