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  1. Wingman04

    UMX A-10 Launcher

    I have a UMX A-10 that is a blast to fly, but a pain in the butt the launch. Out of the six or so launches by my self, one was successful. I need another person with a strong arm to get me air-born. I was wondering if anyone has any basic idea of a bungee launcher that I could build. Thanks.
  2. SpaceWalker1992

    backwards, upsidedown, and mirrored?

    today I maidened my FT arrow. (SPOILERS: I'm gonna have to rebuild it) and while walking out to the field, the whole time I was talking myself through how I would do a thorough pre-flight. I look at it and everything held well. this was going to be my first FPV experience, too, so add another 80...
  3. T

    FT22- hand launch issue, whats worng ??

    FT22- hand launch issue, whats worng ?? - Got it finally Hi Guys, Please point out what am i doing wrong, pls see the video, http://youtu.be/qyOU9gQohEo ... I have exp with bixler2 and mini swift, but this kind of launch is new to me .. please help !! And also it got damaged a bit , how can...
  4. T

    another rookie seeking help with radian

    Just started flying 2 months ago with hobbyzone delta ray. I flew it successfully some and crashed it some. Wanted something different so I got a parkzone radian. I expected a sailplane to be slow and gentle but to ME it seems fast and hard to fly. Main problem is on launch, first time I put...
  5. Nodd

    Nodd RC - the Guppy

    We were having a few issues at the field today...
  6. Hionimi

    Hand-launching quads?

    Hi, just a quick question, I wish to know if it's pretty do-able to hand-launch quads. I see people do it, but mostly with smaller quads. I have a 450mm sized one and sometimes there is just not a good place to take off and land, like too tall or wet grass for example. Seeing my quads has a pair...