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Hand-launching quads?

Hi, just a quick question, I wish to know if it's pretty do-able to hand-launch quads. I see people do it, but mostly with smaller quads. I have a 450mm sized one and sometimes there is just not a good place to take off and land, like too tall or wet grass for example. Seeing my quads has a pair of sharp fast spinning props I'd really prefer not to get those in my face. :eek: So, with Auto-leveling on, is it enough to only slightly tilt the quad away, and have the wind in your back if any? Or may it still be advised against it? (The thing is stable, sometimes can leave the sticks alone and that's with only a KK2.0 v1.6 board, no GPS.)


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It's really up to you, you're the one who'll be the one holding the flying Cuisinart.

If you've got a good hard point to hold onto near the center it can be done safely.

I'd recommend setting up a throttle cut on the TX, and with the quad in your right hand, arm and throttle up just above hover, and kick on the throttle cut. If you know where hover is on the stick, kick on the cut before you set the throttle. Then switch hands (so you're controlling the right stick), hold it near the CG, and kick off the throttle cut. After it spins up give it a push up. That way you've got lateral control of it at all times, you'll feel it tug away from you when it's ready, and you should be able to catch it with throttle before it gets too far away.

Keep your hands/head/hat well below it and try for straight up -- the auto level will try to counter any lateral push you give it, and *may* over-correct right into you. If it's headed for the sky, any initial jockeying by the control board should happen quickly above your head.

Above all, if you're not comfortable doing it, DON'T DO IT!
Ah, good tips, knew there was something I was forgetting, the auto-level may make things worse in fact I read. So making sure it climbs a bit and stays above my head that way seems a good way to make it fly away as safe as possible. (Height dampening is off, luckily.) Sadly, my Spektrum DX6i doesn't allow Throttle Hold on an airplane profile... However, I am left handed and flying mode 2, so I suppose I could make the transmitter hang on to the keycord, move throttle up until I can feel it wanting to climb slightly, then move my right hand to the Ail/Ele stick and continue on.


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hmmm. . . learn something new every day. My dx7s doesn't have a deticated throttle cut switch and I didn't realize the one on the 6i was a momentary.

According to the manual, you should be able to mix it in -- set up a mix from throttle -> throttle (it should allow it, it's what they've got pictured in the manual!). Set it to -100, -100 and assign it to a switch and activate the trim -- efectively you're telling it for every "X" units on the throttle stick add in "-X" units to the throttle servo.

Flip over to the monitor mode, move your throttle and see the "throttle servo" move. flip your selected switch, and the needle should peg at 0 (very bottom is below 0, if it's the same as the dx7s), and stay there. Nudge your throttle trim up/down and it should stay put. If you want extra margin, put in -110, but -100 should keep you at the bottom, and allow you to arm/disarm the kk2 while engaged.

. . . And all this may all not work, but if it does, and you're not using both mixes it's an excellent safety feature.
The tricky thing I find with any gyro-using devices when taking off from my hand is how it can completely go wrong when any side is stuck, for example hold by a finger. As it affects the gyros very easily. I've noticed this with my Blade mCP-X. I do wonder how powerful the auto-leveling is on the KK2.0, how fast could it correct? Could one actually throw their Quad up (very) high and let the auto-level level it, even if its upside down?

Or. . .you can just throw it upwards under-handed and flip on the auto-level and throttle. ;):p

Oh that's just awesome. :p


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. I do wonder how powerful the auto-leveling is on the KK2.0, how fast could it correct? Could one actually throw their Quad up (very) high and let the auto-level level it, even if its upside down?
I doubt very much a fixed pitch quad would have a chance at correcting from an inverted toss.

I wouldn't hesitate, however, watching a video of someone trying ;)


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I think you should work on your catch-it-out-of-the-air-skills at the end of your flight! It is way cooler when someone asks you a question, you pause for a moment, pull the quad/tri out of the air, turn to the person and ask, "what were you saying?" all while acting like you do this all the time.