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    A most unusual maiden for my Mini Lidl Biplane!

    Has anyone seen anything like this before? 🤣 My Mini Lidl Biplane foamie has a most unusual maiden!
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    I think it needs a bigger motor!

    My Lidl fusi foamboard Vulcan had another test flight. It flies well but really needed a motor upgrade. Watch this space, a new test will be coming soon with bigger motor fitted!
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    My Lidl chuck glider 'Spitfire' RC conversion gets a new look.

    My Lidl chuck glider 'Spitfire' RC conversion gets a new look. Build blog for the Lidl Spitfire is also on my channel.
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    Don't know if it's 'micro', it's 50 gms, 4 motors and had it's maiden yesterday! Mini 4 engine Lidl RC

    We had a flyable day yesterday and my 4 motor Lidl mini Glider RC conversion built with 4 very small 4 drone motors finally got off the ground. How did it go? 😁. Link to the build blog is at the end of the video!
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    My Lidl RC creation no. 9 The Stumpy!

    My latest Lidl rc creation, The Stumpy! A brief build blog. Watch this space for the maiden soon!
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    The Lidl Glider 'Spitfire' RC conversion - My LONG and very complete build blog

    Well here it is, my Lidl Glider RC conversion no 8, the Lidl Spitfire! Full VERY detailed building blog with parts list! Still waiting for maiden as weather is so bad, but keep watching, it won't be long, unlike the video which runs to almost 45 mins. You can jump to chapters though!
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    EDF Lidl Glider RC Build - plus BRILLIANT maiden flight! My first attempt at an EDF rc plane.

    My no 7 'Lidl glider' RC conversion. My first time trying EDF, and a super maiden flight. A joy to fly. Full build details and the maiden are in the video.
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    My Lidl Vulcan gets its MAIDEN!

    My Lidl/foamboard Vulcan gets its maiden! A little underpowered, but flies like a dream. It came out 300 gms all up, slow and easy to fly. Tomorrow I'll post the maiden of the original all foamboard version of the Vulcan that I based it on. That version came out at 480 gms, AUW but 160...
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    Part Two of my Lidl foam glider + foamboard Vulcan build. It's FINISHED!

    Part Two of my Lidl foam glider + foamboard Vulcan build. It's FINISHED! Maiden video will be here tomorrow and it flies like a dream. 😄. Watch this space.
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    Lidl Glider RC conversion no 6. Biplane Build Blog and successful test flight!

    Finally got it pretty much sorted. 😀 Lidl glider RC conversion biplane, 3rd test flight was much more successful. Quite stable and relaxed easy flying. Just needs a little more elevator trimming as I was having to keep the nose up while flying. Needs a bit more trimming. I think main...