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  1. FoamyDM

    FDM FMX-4 DTFB version by FoamyDM (original by Barnaby Wainfan)

    I happen to be perusing homebuilt aircraft pages such as these and thought to myself this is a VERY simple, quickbuilding and interesting Aircraft worth making DTFB RC. So I started off. and quickly got to these plans: (ALPHA PLAN Set) There is a Peanut scale balsa Version. Highlighted here by...
  2. FoamyDM

    FoamyDM's Bel Geddes - Airliner No 4

    More to come
  3. FoamyDM

    Plane Remington Burnelli 2 (RB-2) "Flying Camper" by FoamyDM 1.0

    The Remington Burnelli 2- "Flying Camper" Bring the piece of history to life and watch it float through the air. HISTORY In the 1920's this early airliner design was used as a mobile car showroom! Now you can build one of your own. Like all biplanes of the post WWI era, this balance is short...
  4. FoamyDM

    FTFC20 Remington Burnelli 2 designed by FoamyDM and Jpot1

    The Remington Bernelli RB-2 INSPIRATION I watched this video... (Starting at the plane of interest) Then was tickled by the flying Camper look to it. (I am gearing up to head out on a camping trip this weekend) HISTORY From Wiki: The Burnelli RB-1, often known as the Remington-Burnelli...