maiden flight

  1. T

    figuring it out

    So, quite some time ago I bought myself a hobbyzone champ. very easy and fun flying micro. But soon enough, you grow out of it. because my birthday would be soon and I had some money saved up, I wanted to build my own plane. I started to buy some parts and things. As I wanted to be wise, I...
  2. mikewings

    FT Simple STORCH - Maiden Flight

    My first FB build and flight of the FT Simple Storch.. I really love the way it flies.. Short Video only.... Mike Willey Oakland, Maine
  3. Croom

    FT Mustang Maiden Flight My scratch built FT mustang. Youtube channel:
  4. Mik3

    Maiden flight with my first ever R/C Plane

    Hey guys, my name's Mike and I'm an addict. A couple of days ago I posted on this forum ( and had some really helpful advice from some friendly people. Well I picked up my first ever R/C plane and took it...