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Maiden flight with my first ever R/C Plane


Mr. Gee Bee
Hey guys, my name's Mike and I'm an addict. A couple of days ago I posted on this forum (http://forum.flitetest.com/showthread.php?7765-Looking-to-get-into-R-C-planes-on-a-budget) and had some really helpful advice from some friendly people. Well I picked up my first ever R/C plane and took it out to a park and well... I found something I really like. I thought I would share some highlights from my maiden flight of the Ares Taylorcraft 130.

The video was done with a cell phone as it's all I remembered to bring other than my car keys and plane. The music was done in my dad's studio with some friends and I just goofing off live - don't be too harsh :p



Mr. Gee Bee
Were you flying or your friend?
I am flying it. I am the one in the hat. My friend, who you can hear coaching me, was filming.

At 0:02:12 of the video is credits and it lists "Mike - Pilot(???)". I'm impressed with that being the case. Good job!
Yeah I am Mike. All I can say is the plane is still in one piece and that was my main goal, ha! I really think I have found something I enjoy very much! Thanks for the kind words!

My son is Gavin... the "director" and "lead rock thrower"
Josh is the experienced pilot who was filming for my maiden. You can hear him coaching me while I am flying.
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My thoughts upon really watching the video...

FACT: Gravity is stronger over significant water sources and trees.

I was waiting for you to either fish your plane out of the hole behind you or step backwards into it, thankfully neither of which happened :)


Mr. Gee Bee
Man I was fearing the same thing and tried to stay far enough away from that pond while flying. In hind sight I definitely took an unnecessary risk with that.


Dedicated foam bender
As long as everyone goes home in one piece, it's a good day. When all the aircraft go home in one piece also? A great day!
Nice job on your maiden and if that was you guys just fooling around in the studio, I'm not sure we're ready for when you get down to business! Great job on all fronts! Looking forward to what's next...


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Welcome to the hobby! Congrats on keeping your plane in one piece on your first day of flying. You're pretty good at making videos too, and not many guys make their own soundtrack!