1. chag

    Matek model differences?

    I'm working on building a hexacopter, and I'm interested in using a Matek flight controller and installing INAV, but I cannot find out what the different model suffixes mean. So far I've seen HDTE, MiniTE, VTOL, WING, WMN, WTE, and WLITE. Can anyone tell me what they mean or which are...
  2. N

    Help! Need help setting up a tricopter

    I was wondering if anyone here has experience making tricopters and knows how to set up the Matek f405-std flight controller on Betaflight. I've set up the motors and servos in this order: Right motor: S3 Left Motor: S4 Rear Motor: S1 Servo: S2 I think my first mistake is that the Servo should...
  3. S

    Help! Throttle Not Accurately Tracking

    Hello, I am having this issue where my throttle in iNavFlight and my blackbox is not tracking properly. The throttle in the blackbox (RC Command) is tracking lower than what the reciever tab is recieving in iNav reciever tab. Originally iNavFlight recieved a range of 987-2011, i applied a 98%...
  4. S

    Solved SOLVED: Major (Roll) Oscillations when arming quadcopter

    I am fairly new to drone building and have been helped by my friend who has built drones before. I have built a fairly large drone which I want to use to film and coast, I don't intend to use it for racing of any type. I have also made some modifications in addition to the parts such as battery...
  5. GiantAntCowboy

    First Mountain Test Flight!

    Hey guys, for a while I've been building, testing and tuning with the goal of improving my TX signal and VTX range. Finally I felt confident enough with the setup to attempt exploring the mountain behind my house. It's not the most amazing run, but excited with the accomplishment and wanted...
  6. F

    FC not recognized by PC

    Hi, after several days of unsuccessful attempts I decided to reach out to this forum, asking for help. I'm building a mini FPV drone based on the MATEKSYS F405-CTR flight controller - link. After some reading, I decided to flash BetaFlight firmware on the FC. My computer is running Windows...
  7. Spitfire Power Pod

    Spitfire Power Pod

    My Spitfire's guts, including a Matek f411 board for stabilization.