Help! Need help setting up a tricopter


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I was wondering if anyone here has experience making tricopters and knows how to set up the Matek f405-std flight controller on Betaflight. I've set up the motors and servos in this order:
Right motor: S3
Left Motor: S4
Rear Motor: S1
Servo: S2

I think my first mistake is that the Servo should actually be wired to S1. I'm basing my statement off of this thread: where someone used the f405-ctr and stated that S2,3, and 4 use the same timing. But on top of that I am completely oblivious as to programming the FC properly. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Side note: I'm using S5 for FrSky R-XSR. Maybe I can wire the signal wire of the servo to S6?


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Update: I've figured a few things out!

I put the servo feedback wire on S5, but I am not sure where the power belongs... for now I have wired them on the (+) and (-) next to the S1 pad. I really do not know what I am doing

In the CLI tab, I assigned motor 2(top right) to C08(S3), Motor 3(top left) to C09(S4) and motor 1 (rear, I also rewired motor 1-->) to C07(S2). Furthermore, Servo 1 gets assigned to A15.

I relocated the Fr Sky wire to TX2. Matek states that it has a built in inverter but I am not sure if anything needs to be done there. Also, when I attempt to turn on Smartport on Uart 2, the whole row becomes disabled.
Motor 2 kept spinning the wrong way so I looked it up and I learned that I can use blheli suite to reverse the direciton of the motor.

On betaflight, the servo responds on servo 6 in the servo tab but I still cannot get it moving. When I initially started working on this, the servo was wired to S1 and it was moving but it only moved in one direction and eventually it stopped moving entirely. I am starting to consider that I broke it : (

To sum it up, I have got the motors working but not the servo.