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micro flyer

  1. FoamyDM

    MinimumRC Star Voyager build

    A while back I order the MinimumRC Star Voyager from Banggood (I think). I bought the kit that included the motor and servos. It is 1.5mm or 2mm foam similar to depron. A 716 motor with a 4or 5" prop. 2 - 2g servos. Some 3/32" balsa ply parts and push rods. The only thing missing was...
  2. Maxx

    FT Simple Cub 60%

    Allo everyone ! I just started to build a mini Simple Cub with the electronics of UMX Radian . I use yellow Adams ready board ( not the water proof ) and since it's yellow on one side only , I glue the yellow paper on the white side . When it's done drying under weight so it doesn't warp , I...
  3. glideher

    Micro Lazy Bee Balsa 10" wing span

    here are some pictures of this here micro lazy bee, 10" wing span, 25 gram flying weight, next version will be under 19 grams and fly a lot slower
  4. cloudseeder

    <FAILED> I’m going to put ailerons on my UMX Radian (micro)

    I’m going to put ailerons on my UMX Radian (micro). Here’s the deal: I want to connect a new servo and wires to control ailerons (servo arms counter rotating the wires). Wires will have to bend around at least a few pivots before reaching the horn. I will order new foam wing and cut ailerons...
  5. Shug

    Maiden Flight of my Ultra Micro T-28 Trojan

    Since I never got to film my P-51 Mustang micro flyer that I beat up, tore down, crashed, glued, taped then eventually lost on the roof of a school never to be seen again....I went to the local hobby shop and bought the T-28 Trojan. Wow. Love it and it is fast and aerobatic. Yet it will go slow...