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    Help! TinyHawk Freestyle II FRSky to DSMX?

    I'm interested in getting a mini quad to learn how to fly FPV, but I want to skip the tiny whoop step and get into flying freestyle. The Emax TinyHawk Freestyle sounds like a great platform, and is very cost effective. However, it runs on a FRSky receiver integrated into the FC/PDB and I have a...
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    Testing my new ImmersionRC Vortex MOJO! VLOG 18

    Last week I received my Vortex mojo! I decided to test it out at one of my favorite freestyle spots!
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    Long range flying with 2.4ghz RC link | FPV freestyle | VLOG | mini quads

    For a long time I am wondering how far i can fly with my current setup. Last week when I visited this amazing spot I decided to try this out. I ended up flying a couple of hundreds of meters away from my self! Check out the entire VLOG!
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    Forest smoothness FPV freestyle

    Last week I went back to my favorite forest!
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    A bit heavier kwad better for freestyle?

    For the last 7 months or so I was flying a really light weight true-X quad. Ever since I switched from a standard 210 to a 200 trueX quad I had some issues. One of the things I was running into was, I had issues getting inverted over trees with some amount of wind. The quad just did not have...
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    Sunset flow FPV freestyle

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    FPV log 8: Flying in a very small park FPV freestyle

    After giving a demo we decide to fly some packs in a local park.
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    FPV log: 3 Back at my local park

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    Welcome back old Emax || FPV freestyle

    Ever since I had the Tmotor F40II 2400kv I had nothing but troubles. Now i've switched back to my old Emax RS2205 2300kv and my quad flies just perfect again!
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    FPV Issues: Only Static, No Video

    Hello! I'm Dave, first time posting here on the forums. I been following Flite Test for a while and I'm stoked to join the community. I've been flying RC Planes (inspired by the good gents here) since 2012, and Quads since 2014. Recently I've run into an FPV issue on one of my quads I just can't...
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    FPV log: 2 FPV freestyle

    Back at my favorite local spot!
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    FPV log 1 || FPV freestyle

    I fly pretty much every day if the weather is fine, but I don't always upload a video ! For this month I'm gonna upload a short video after a day of flying! So that means a lot of short video's this month! I will keep the video's very raw! Only basic editing and just the motor noice.
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    Reverse flow FPV freestyle

    Finally the weather clears up here in the Netherlands! I've learned some new tricks too:P
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    Diving that building....

    For a long time I was watching this building and thought, one day... Last weekend we went there and flew...
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    Winter wonderland FPV freestyle

    It was cold...
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    Making a new race frame using my CNC machine

    The last couple of months I was working on a new frame design. I wanted to make a very light and yet a very strong frame! The whole frame is made out of 4 mm carbon fiber and weights only 90 grams! Watch this video to see how the frame comes to life!
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    DJI Phantom 3 standard and mini quad flying

    Just thought Id share this video of some mini quad and dji phantom 3 standard flying that we made whilst it was too windy for any plane flying or at least it was too windy for me to fly a plane in! Hope you enjoy it! my mini quad setup can be found in the video description on YouTube.
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    Winter flow FPV freestyle

    Winter edit!
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    Forest dreams FPV freestyle

    I finally went back to the forest!
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    Flying mini quad in or around snow, words to the wise (weather stripping)

    So when I first started flying nano and micro quads, flying in the winter was no big deal, they didn't go into the snow very deeply if you crashed, and they had a plastic shell covering electronics. They were cheap to repair as well. They do not generate much heat on 1S batteries, so you can...