mini scout

  1. AgentC

    FTFC23: Build-ruary by AgentC

    FTFC23: Build-ruary by AgentC (Build Skill: 2.48, Pilot SKill: 1.25) UnEZ Bronco - Better looking EZ Bronco under 50g for the 2-Channel EZ Pack Nano Scout - Planning on an experiment to use the Nano Flerken power pack to fly a mini [75% smaller than a] Mini Scout (3-channel) FT MM Corsair (PS...
  2. AgentC

    Part Mini Scout Turtle Deck v1

    If you build the Mini Scout from plans, the template turtle deck spans 2 tiled pages and tracing it seems silly when you make the model again. Use this template (exactly the same as the original), throw a letter-sized piece of cardstock into your printer and ta-daaa! Simple turtle deck for your...
  3. B

    My FT Versa with the nose job finally gets it's maiden! And the Mini Scout gets off the ground (briefly!)

    A while back I made a video showing how I'd made a 'nose' for a Flight Test Versa, oamboard wing as when the Versa is in pusher configuration it can be difficult to achieve the CoG. Plus I'd added an u/c as I find wings hard to hand launch. Well I finally maidened it the other day. It flew...
  4. B

    A very cheap (free) and easy way of making a bubble cockpit for an RC model plane.

    I came up with an idea for making a very cheap (free) quick and easy bubble cockpit canopy.
  5. FT Mini Scout & FT Simple Scout

    FT Mini Scout & FT Simple Scout

    Father and son Scout's! Great slow flying planes that will give you a blast of a time. I kind of miss mine them and will probably build a new ones soon. this actually has no paint job done to it and is built with black foam board.
  6. buzzbomb

    Plane Mini Scout Biplane 1.0

    I chose the Mini Scout to make a biplane from because it is super simple to build. The Mini Scout Biplane will fly as a 3ch or 4ch, but it's more rewarding as a 4ch. It can fly slow, or it can fly fast. It will even float in the wind. It can do loops and rolls and otherwise get crazy if you...
  7. L

    what motor should i use with the ft mini scout?

    i built an ft mini scout and was about to put my big motors that i use on my 2 meter wings on there when i realized that that would be way too much torque and not work very well. What motor should i use? the closest thing i have to what should be used on it is some 1104 7000kv motors. any...
  8. R

    Flying Witch (mighty mini swappable)

    I wanted to put something together for Halloween, so I mashed a Mini Scout into a flying witch. This is my first run at anything with a kite/flex wing and went from concept to test flight in an afternoon, so there's inherently some room for improvements. The broomstick is based on the mighty...
  9. S

    Motor and Propeller for Mini Scout build

    Hello, I am thinking about building the mini scout. I have a couple of questions if the motor or propeller will work with this build I currently have. Donkey ST2204 1700kv with a 10a donkey esc from hobby king. 7 inch propeller - EP-7035 Admiral 2S 7.v 1000mah 30c battery How to tell if the...