mission planner

  1. A

    Help! Missions Planner

    Hello, I have just built my own drone using a Pixhawk 2.4.6 from mRobotics. I did all the firmware calibrating and stuff, but I’m getting a preflight error on mission planner. It looks like everyone had had a similar problem but the solutions aren’t working for me. This is for a multicopter and...
  2. Raptortech

    Climb to target altitude during mission?

    Here's a quick mission planning question. So I have a fixed wing aircraft and I'd like to plan a mission in which the aircraft climbs to a target altitude and then performs a servo action. From testing, I found that if I set one waypoint at 30m and then the next at 100m, and the aircraft does...
  3. M

    Autotune with 6-channel transmitter and PPM

    Hi! I have a spektrum DX6i transmitter and I'm connecting to my Mini APM through PPM (CPPM). As I want to autotune my craft I need to use channel 7 or channel 8 for setting the "autotune mode". My problem is I don't have a channel 7, I only have 6 channels. How can I remap channel 6 to channel...
  4. R

    Pixhawk from 3D Robotics

    I just got a Pixhawk flight controller from 3D Robotics. I have been reading all the information on it for days. There is a lot to know. Does anybody have a Pixhawk? If so can you share any tips you might have? Thanks.:D
  5. Johan

    APM Mission Planner - Tricopter displays as quad (icon)

    Hi, I'm playing around with the first (and so far only) component for my future tricopter that has arrived through the mail. It is the APM 2.5. Now if I upload the arducopter firmware by clicking the tricopter icon, it uploads, but if I then go to Frame Type, I don't see a tricopter...