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  1. front sheeting

    front sheeting

    front view of sheeting
  2. side sheeting

    side sheeting

    front sheeting on
  3. front half

    front half

    half of the front sheeting installed
  4. 126 camel sheeting

    126 camel sheeting

    side sheeting on
  5. 126 camel fuse stringers

    126 camel fuse stringers

    side stringers installed
  6. 126 camel formers

    126 camel formers

    the fuselage all together
  7. 126camel side 2

    126camel side 2

    both sides together
  8. 126 camel stringers

    126 camel stringers

    side stringers installed
  9. 126 camel side

    126 camel side

    fuselage side formers for 126" camel
  10. 126 camel mt bx 3

    126 camel mt bx 3

    motor box of the 126" camel
  11. 126 camel mt bx 1

    126 camel mt bx 1

    parts for motor box for 126" camel
  12. billyshaw22

    Giant Plane Builds into 2022

    so to get things started this year I went and started on a big build and decided to share some of this build on here. I went with a B-25 and settled on a wing span of 215". The plane is mostly all foam (pink insulation) of various sizes and lite ply wood for supports and some hardwood spars.
  13. 275098817_656973542300213_5524943434476248606_n.jpg


  14. 272978656_387518446710519_6172892096010562265_n.jpg


  15. 274560753_3343629709202327_983999416156103420_n.jpg


  16. 275297681_660112881739988_4410271153443006063_n.jpg


  17. 275322496_364927552177587_6219159454075252182_n.jpg


  18. 277232431_705719747282233_4492648223200456584_n.jpg


  19. 273023129_667044517945110_274552114899856634_n.jpg


  20. 275097728_1379476925857852_3687330846078305198_n.jpg