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motor upgrade

  1. G

    Broken Delta ray

    I will soon need to get a new body for the delta ray just a few flights and the nose is broken. The plane doesnt seem to get enough power from the motors to get altitude to clear the trees by me. Do i need to soldier, and do electrical to swap all the hardware to new body? or just glue, tape...
  2. Cookieman10101

    Can quad copter ESC's be overloaded from a motor upgrade

    Hey all. I was wondering what if you had say, a 10A 4 in one ESC that runs great with a 2-3s battery on 1103 motors. would anything happen to the ESC's if you were to upgrade to 1106? would anything happen if you upgraded even further? specifically i wouldn't be changing the battery, because i...
  3. O

    Tiny trainer increased power

    I have a tiny trainer and love the plane, but it is a little under powered to carry a GoPro. I am new to electric aircraft, used to fly a lot of gas planes in the 90's, so I am not sure which motor/battery upgrade I should do to improve the power of the plane.
  4. Arjan

    Bixler 2 plan

    Hi, I'm an newbie to the RC world, and a very newbie to this forum (actually, this is my first post:)). I'm into RC for about a year now, started to try and build my own quad copter, which sort of worked, but I couldn't get the thing flying smoothly.. End of summer 2012 ordered myself a Bixler...
  5. U

    Icon A5 480 Size 960 kV Motor Upgrade

    Alright so here is the deal, I'm planning to buy the Icon A5 BNF and I watched the review on Flite Test. I want more power to do crazier tricks and to go faster. But I do not know what would be a good upgrade for the 480 960 kV. Also, I don't want motor that could practically rip the wings off...