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Broken Delta ray

I will soon need to get a new body for the delta ray just a few flights and the nose is broken. The plane doesnt seem to get enough power from the motors to get altitude to clear the trees by me. Do i need to soldier, and do electrical to swap all the hardware to new body? or just glue, tape screws, hot glue?? I have never done anything like this. Total newbie. Also. can the motors be upgraded without different electrical? Dont even know where to start.
If you haven't lost any pieces, White Gorilla Glue works great for putting foam planes back together. Much easier and cheaper than transplanting parts to a new body.

My brother's Delta Ray seems to be adequately powered. Maybe you need a larger field?


Winter is coming
Are you flying it in beginner or intermediate modes? If so, those modes limit the pitch and roll angles such that you really kind of need a lot of space to fly it. If you're flying it in expert mode, there are no limits, other than the brushed motors/props. When I was learning, I found it too tight in the softball/baseball field I was flying it in to stay in beginner mode, so I sort of had to quickly learn to fly in the expert mode. Heh, I even recall trying to get above the trees and not seeing that happening, so I quickly switched to expert mode and was able to clear the trees and promptly go into my first immelmann/hammerhead move. Oops. I survived that by pressing the SAFE switch/button and was able to switch into the intermediate mode once I was above the trees.
Thanks everyone

I have received the new body and transferred all the hardware. After doing the swap, I tested the motors and elevons. I DISCOVERED WHAT MAY HAVE BEEN MY PROBLEM THIS WHOLE TIME. I am only getting partial thrust/power from one of the motors. All trims including throttle have been adjusted. As I was flying the plane, it was always seeming underpowered and turned much stronger one way then the other. I contacted Horizon, and they offered a new set of motors at no cost. Hope this solves the problem as I really want to enjoy this plane. Other then the micro radian, it is my first one. Waiting for batteries for the Opterra I got from ebay.