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  1. Wooley

    Collective Pitch Quad

    I see that Curtis Youngblood is bringing a collective pitch quad copter to the market. http://curtisyoungblood.com/V2/content/3d-quad While obvisously not usefull for FPV it should add a new wrinkle to flying a quad just for fun instead of for FPV and video shoots. Later Wooley
  2. C

    Multicopter with Aerostat

    Has anyone tried to extend the flight time of multicopters by supplementing lift with an aerostat. An aerostat is a helium or hydrogen filled blimp. It would be important that the shape is streamlined like a blimp for better wind penetration. It wouldn't be fast or aerobatic but it might extend...
  3. L

    quadcopter motor position question

    Hello, i am woundering what order the motors should be plugged in on the hobbyking v3 blueboard
  4. F

    Help!!!! Naza assistant software now working on Mac!

    Hey everyone, I am having a lot of probs getting the assistant software to work on my MacBook Pro. I have found some people saying you need to run the software over windows/run it in parallels??? this is my first time working with the DJI Naza, and my multi is just sitting waiting for the naza...
  5. T

    De-soldering ESC wires

    Hi Fliers, I'm in the process of building a quad and need different length wires on my ESCs (Turnigy Plush 18A). I have tried to melt the solder with my soldering iron. Some parts of the solder melt but soon refreeze when I move to a different area. I give up after a little while as the ESC...
  6. A

    Red Brick ESC for Quad X

    Hi guys finished my Quad X build this weekend, and used the build video below to pick some of my parts http://flitetest.com/articles/H_Quad_Scratch_Build It mentioned in the build that the Red Brick ESC's would keep up, but I have found that they fail. The problem seesm to be with the PWM...
  7. T

    X-19 Hummingbird Scratch Build

    Watching through some of the older episodes I found this - Is there scope for flitetest to have a build episode something along the same lines. Maybe even get Peter on board as a guest for the show.
  8. F

    Multi-rotor for aerial photography/filming

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for a Multi-rotor that would be wall suited for aerial photography/filming. I am wanting to get one quite soon, so I don't think I can design and scratch build my own. I'm planing on using a GoPro to film and maybe FPV gear to help me see what it sees. Something that...
  9. M

    Stability for Hovering Aircrafts

    Saw a neat study on the news of how top heavy hovering objects/aircraft are more stable in flight than ones with a lower center of gravity. Check out the link! :o http://www.tgdaily.com/sustainability-features/61387-hovering-isn-t-difficult-if-you-re-top-heavy
  10. Shadow74

    Blade MQX

    So today I went to our local hobby shop and they had just rcv'd the new Blade MQX micro quad-copter. The guy at the store has seen my big quad a number of times, so he asked me if I wanted to give this little micro quad a try. Of course I said yes! :) (To be truthful, I couldnt get my hands...
  11. Shadow74

    My tri-copter :o)

    Here are a few pics of my tri-copter, I started off with the basic format/idea created and generously shared by David Windestal at rcexplorer.se then made a few of my own changes as the build progressed. I am getting approx 11.5-12.5 min flights on a fairly old 2200 3s lipo. (many many...