1. tbaucom

    Do you think the general public view multi-rotors and fixed-wings differently?

    Just a question - With all the hype about FAA drone registration, what do you think the average person (who is not in the hobby) considers a drone? Do they view multi-rotors differently than fixed-wing aircraft? From what I've seen in the media, all the current coverage seems to be focused on...
  2. P

    Need some help! multi rotor (motor problem)

    Hello people of the internet, I am in need of a little bit of help, (feel free to skip intro) Let me explain my problem and hopefully someone with lot more knowledge than myself will be able to help me out or show me a way. So I bought the multi-rotor a while back but had to wait for the...
  3. jlmartin

    I need help and have a question about multi-roters

    okay mind you i am originally a prop paper-craft maker so please bare with me when I ask this question cause I am totally new to flight all the way around. My question is this If I was to build a multi copter and used fiberglass reinforced paper as the body would it still have good...
  4. F

    Summer from the Sky | 2014

    Here is our video for the beginning of Summer. We are flying a Quadcopter with parts from FliteTest's H-Quad Build and the Tricopter is designed by the gorgeous David Windestäl. We hope this gets you in the Summer Mood!! Thanks for watching and Subscribe for more Aerial Videography. Both...
  5. T

    Any suggestions for a good all in one rtf fpv multirotor?

    Hi! I am new to this hobby and have never had a multirotor before, and I am looking for one within a budget of about up to £150 or so (I don't know what that would be in dollars, just something not too expensive). I am lokking for something that can be flown indoors and out, so not too big or...
  6. L

    lower mounted motors

    I am planning on building a tricopter this summer and when researching i saw someone mounted (not a Y6) the front 2 motors on the bottom. This got me wondering why some one would do that? After much searching, somethings I found, read that Pros: noticeably (roughly 5%) longer flight times...
  7. Enigma

    Boeing V-22 Osprey - David Windestål

    After watching the Flite Test YouTube videos on David's Tri-Rotor I noticed he complained about the speed of the design in being able to keep up with fixed wing aircraft and I thought the Boeing V-22 Osprey would be able to bridge the gap between fixed wing and multi-rotor. The full-scale design...
  8. Greg2B

    First build | Durable micro frame recommendations.

    I recently had another crash (or set of crashes) with my Turnigy Micro Quad breaking one motor mount on an arm. I went into more detail on my blog post on this site if you want to see the video. So to not waste the parts I have which are other wise in fine condition I decided to do my first...
  9. E

    Quad or Hex

    Greetings Everyone, I'm looking for some suggestions, I really want a larger multi-rotor, but I am torn between going with a quad or a hex, I'm considering the DJI 450 and DJI 550. Is the kit with DJI motors and ESC worth it, or would I be better off getting different motors and Simon K ESC's...
  10. C

    Game of Drones - wicked strong quadcopter frame

    I just wanted to let everyone know the Kickstarter for the Game of Drones combat tough quadcopter airframe is in it's final 24 hours. They are already funded and actually very close to their 50K target. Check out the videos, pretty impressive. I have been flying quadcopters for a while now...
  11. SGrog

    Quad "A" Tail Design Questions.

    Quad "A" Tail Design Questions (Design Log) Hello all! I am new to Multi-Rotors and RC Aviation in general, the most experience I have is with Microsoft Flight Sim (most of the time in Helicopters). I am looking at doing a Quad design that is essentially a modified V tail. The foam...
  12. L

    Knuckle H-Quad or Anycopter Quad for an beginner?

    I want to start flying quads and was wandering if the Knuckle H-Quad kit or the Anycopter Quad kit would be the best? ;)
  13. G

    Cheapest Tri-Copter?

    Hi! I am really a beginner in the hobby, but I have some experience with small quad copters and some cheap normal helicopters. I love the idea of a multi-rotor, but I can't afford a very good one. So I want flite test or someone else to design a cheap, durable tri-copter OR Quad copter. One...
  14. M

    electric 18 rotor two-seater first flight by radio control
  15. W

    Need to Generate 40+ Pounds for a Multicopter

    Hi guys, i need to generate 40+ pounds of thrust (although preferably more) for a multi-copter I want to keep it under 6s because that way I can save a lot of money in ESC's and battery's. But before I go out there and spend my hard earned money on some crazy project I want to double check my...
  16. S

    My first build, RcExplorer Tricopter

    Here's my build of the RcExplorer tricopter, spent a fair few nights on this, excited to fly. All electronics are programmed and KK2 is ready. Got 3 x 3S 2200MAH to keep me flying for a few minutes. Very happy with the design from David, also using his tricopter plate with signature. KK2...
  17. Techno

    EDF Tricopter

    Earlier I was explaining how a multi-rotor works to a buddy of mine when I had a side thought. If you have a tricopter which has a servo-driven yaw axis, and uses the thrust to operate pitch and roll; you should theoretically, replace the propellers with Electric-Ducted-Fans and be able to...
  18. U

    v tail coptor build questions

    Hi I'm new to r/c multirotors and am going to build the v tail quad copter and needed help on selecting the electronics. I'm going to use the NTM prop drive series 28-26 1200kv/250w motor and a kk2 board but what other things do i need to complete the project.
  19. M

    Multi-Rotor Problem

    Hi.... i have just got into Multi-Rotor and i have some problems taking off... when i try to take off the multi-rotor just flips on random sides and its hard for me to control that and i just cant take off... i am using the KK 2.0 multi controller board and and HK X230 Mini Quadcopter... i...
  20. J

    multi tilt multicopter

    can you build a multicopter with tilt motor mounts on all arms? has anyone done this? if so please post details bellow as i am very intrigued, also if you did this could you make the arms like helicopter blades (but without the aerofoil) and have a constant throttle setting and control altitude...