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  1. M

    Father and Son - Multi-Rotor

    My 15yo son and I just built our first mini quad (a Martian II 220) and did a short maiden yesterday. We've been long time FT fans and have finally started to expand beyond fixed wing RC and see what the FPV craze is all about. We're taking our time and spending lots of time on the sim. Loved...
  2. tikaro

    OMG, my anycopter works (so far)! Thanks for all the help!

    Hi, Flite Test Forum! Just a few short weeks ago, I was completely unaware of multirotors. I got TOTALLY hooked over the holidays, and realized that there's a very steep (but enjoyable) learning curve. I've never done RC before, so I had to start from "hey, what do all these switches on the...