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Pumpkin drop event

Father and Son - Multi-Rotor

My 15yo son and I just built our first mini quad (a Martian II 220) and did a short maiden yesterday. We've been long time FT fans and have finally started to expand beyond fixed wing RC and see what the FPV craze is all about. We're taking our time and spending lots of time on the sim.

Loved the many FT build videos, we picked up many excellent tips and tricks. And we got some high-quality parts from the FT store. You gotta love those red-bottom motors!

Thanks for the inspiration FT community!



Wake up! Time to fly!
Welcome to the addiction!

Now please step over here and sign the standard waiver that we as a community will aid in your progress thru your FPV journey but we shall however take no responsibility for any detrimental happenstances arising from said aid. This will include lack of sleep, talking in your sleep, excessive talking to non flying persons pushing them out of your circle of friends and most certainly any family troubles that may ensue. However we will take full credit for any extra enjoyment family and or friends may derive from your participation in the hobby.

If said enjoyment occurs the standard requirement for video and pictures not to be limited to just the maiden flight MUST be submitted within a reasonable amount of time upon completion of said enjoyment.

If you agree to these terms you are now enabled to fly at will. If for any reason you do not agree you are hereby banished back to the world of non fpv fixed wing flight and must give up possession of your quad to the nearest person and or persons willing to submit to the fun.

P.S. Pay no attention to the strange man behind the curtain. Good luck on the maiden gents.