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Pumpkin drop event


  1. fish

    Decision of the Nano Qx. stuck in a decision.any advice appreciated.

    Maybe if I try to get this out on here somebody else maybe in the same boat or not? first I want to say thank you for listening, and reading this, thanks guys & gals. Here is my problem: I had FPV fatsharks the predator V2 kit. basic starter kit, used on a Blade 350QX, and quickly to the...
  2. eagle4

    nano sized fpv transmitter

    Hey gang, just saw this on hobbyking (and some other places too). It's a nano sized video transmitter. it weighs only 3 grams!!! it also works directly with the fatshark gear right out of the box. It can be used on a 1s up to a 4s battery too!!! If you're into indoor flying or just want to...
  3. D

    Are "expo" settings used with a quadrocopter?

    I'm in the process of building the electrohub spider quadrocopter and want to know if "expo" settings are used with this build. I've been flying airplanes now for 2 years and using expo but this is my first quad build. I did buy a Blade Nano to practice on but I didn't see anything in the...
  4. M

    Nano FPV

    Hey guys, So I have watched you guys for a while and love what you do. I have a suggestion that i think would be interesting to see on the show and that is Nano FPV. Strapping FPV to something like the Turnigy Micro-X Copter. I have always wanted to do this but standard FPV is too big for this...
  5. nickleyw

    Learning to fly: Nano QX and DX8

    Backstory Like many people I know, my first taste of the flying r/c world was a few years back when everyone and their brother was buying mini helicopters to fly around the office during lunch breaks and Friday afternoons. My first was a Syma S107, and it was a blast. A few friends and I took...
  6. B

    Micro quadcopter episode

    Would it be possible to have an episode on popular micro quadcopters? I know you just did the nano qx challenge, but If you did this could it be more like a competition, a "Mini Micro Nano Quadcopter Challenge" so to say, like the easiest to learn on, the the quickest, the most indestructible...