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Fall guy

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I had a bixler that seemed to be bullet proof and I absolutely loved flying it. I had an fpv set up on it and could get 20 minuets plus per battery. I sold it at some point and have wanted something like it since. I had toyed with the idea of making a tiny trainer into a pusher as I want something small, as small as possible so I have more options to get out and fly. When I came across the volentexrc ranger 600, I first thought it would just be a good trainer for my kids, but then I started looking at my crashed nano flerken and thought I bet I could stuff all that into the ranger 600. Well I did, I have got one flight in so far. 4 channel with fpv. I cut the plane apart, got rid of the stock electronics and installed all FT gear. I cut ailerons in along with the servos, jammed everything in and glued it back together.

It was nose heavy by quite a bit which I expected and will address with some weight in the tail. The rudder and elevator work great, as does the motor. The ailerons however seem pretty weak as if they should have been bigger. I also have a massive roll to the right that required a massive amount of trim, I am guessing this is from the motor, but I really don't know what to do to fix this issue, so any suggestions are welcome. I also plan to either get another one or take this one apart to re do it. The two servos in the fuselage can be moved more to the rear to make a bit more space for the electronics and make balance a bit better. We have rain for days now and its cold so I might not get to fly for a while but I will update as I go.


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Def following this! I may very well be backwards here, but putting a washer on the right side of the motor would act as a left rudder somewhat and push the right wing slightly harder, potentially aiding the roll (again, not confident, motor is on a tall pod so the torque might just have too much force on such a small and light plane).

I remember an old graphic on aircraft design suggesting that ailerons should be about 1/4 chord if they are concentrated on the outer half of the wing like yours are. Or about 1/8 chord if they are the whole span of the wing. Moving the control rod in would also give more throw. Hope this helps if you were looking for ideas, haha.


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Oh! And don’t forget to balance it left to right as well! I had a GreatPlanes Kunai once that had a quarter taped to the right wing to fix a constant left roll. The greater the span of your wings the more important this is.