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nano sized fpv transmitter

Hey gang, just saw this on hobbyking (and some other places too). It's a nano sized video transmitter. it weighs only 3 grams!!! it also works directly with the fatshark gear right out of the box.

It can be used on a 1s up to a 4s battery too!!!

If you're into indoor flying or just want to fly your tiny plane fpv i think this is the ticket. especially if you paired it with one of those 1g cameras out there.


Anyway just thought I'd share


Junior Member
I use this on a small brushed micro h build I did for indoor fpv. Works great and easy to wire with the filtered cam power out. Once they release the 150mw version that's the same size they will definitely have a winner.
that one from rangevideo isnt right on the fatshark frequencies, which means you lose a ton of range. also it can only handle 3.3v maximum. where as the nano one i linked to can take 1s to 4s batteries, and has power out, so you can just connect your camera directly to it leading to a super clean setup. also no soldering required.