Decision of the Nano Qx. stuck in a decision.any advice appreciated.


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Maybe if I try to get this out on here somebody else maybe in the same boat or not? first I want to say thank you for listening, and reading this, thanks guys & gals. Here is my problem:

I had FPV fatsharks the predator V2 kit. basic starter kit, used on a Blade 350QX, and quickly to the DJI Phantom, both great platforms. I enjoyed the fun. Sold the FPV gear.

For my use on my quads, and planes I like to take video and use a 808 Keychain cam and Mobius action camera(for video and FPV)

Now I sit here, thinking about the nano QX? original version, FPV version. Indoor, living room flying 12x25ft. Lighting conditions living room gets morning Sun.

Hearing nothing but positive talk of the Nano QX.

1. Want to have some fun indoor flying.
2. want to take outdoors, don't we all?
3. knowing for me, my pad will just not cut it for FPV in ways, It can but do not think its worth easting energy etc. keeping unwanted lights on, blocked doors, etc. personal reasons.
4.upgrading from original Nano to Nano FOV QX to clear case ($5.00) and Micro FPV camera ($90.00) are options.
5. Purchasing the nano FPV QX. and future purchase a goggles.
6. the Full kit for $300.00 with older version goggles, less TX option to get video tx (50.00) balancer port (8.00)
7. Place Micro FPV on UMX radian, UMX Sport cub S, ,Flylite, and god forbid the Wing wing I just got Lol.(learning how hard it is to control) (lol)
8. a bigger quad 180QX,200QX
So you see I have sat here, doing my research, watched a number of video's, read forums. talking about upgrades, longer run time, and issues.

I personally been there and done that, and know flying FPV with a larger scale is the way to go. but to be in the house, in just a room, FPV is out. but I never tried it via a plane.

It is going to be a decision that I can say.

Keep researching, do not buy just yet, when I go to the Wrams Show. and if they got a sweet deal I shall pick up a nano QX

It is most likely going to be a original nano QX, I can always upgrade down the road, I may have once again a change of mind!

Importance is key, and that Is where I make a decision that keeps me Safe.

I love to hear your Suggestions. advice. Appreciate all your info, thanks again



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Problem solved:

ordered Original Blades Nano QX, includes free batteries, and free shipping.

I chosen new, no headaches and that I thank you all


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QX is fun to fly you won't be disappointed. Although not sure how it will fair outside. Good Luck!

Thanks More for just lingering inside on those down days, or maybe in the front of the house. Happy with my decision. everything is not about outdoors or FPV. been there, done that.


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Got the QX, and it fun,if it was FPV even more, over time it may be a collectors thing for me Lol