new guy needs advice

  1. R

    In too deep and totally lost

    So I came across Flite Test about a month ago. I have since built 10 different minis and have never even flown a plane before. I am almost done with a P47 regular size. That one seems like it will be fun but not the first one I will fly. What plane should I start to learn to fly with? I...
  2. AGriggs191

    Solved FT Mustang is built. Battery is last component I need. How to choose?

    New guy here, I just got into the hobby and completed my first build; the FT Mustang with power pack C. The last component I need to start flying is a battery. I would like to fly for 10-15 minutes per battery if possible. I've searched the forums, the FT articles, and I've googled as much as I...
  3. R

    Hello, new guy needs advice

    Hi, I’m a newbie to fixed wing. I bought a striX stratosurfer and a ft simple cub. I’ve had a pretty tough time with both to say the least. They’re both pretty beat up but I finally got the stratosurfer flying, very precariously however.... All it has is a six channel fly sky receiver and...