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new pilot

  1. J

    Help! BH -v22 osprey

    Hello I am fairly new to the world of rc stuff atleast recently. I grew up flying a super cub and helis to pass the time but never knew much about them. My father always was more into cars so never was shown alot. But I recently bought a bananna hobby v22 osprey. And on its first flight it...
  2. S

    Noob pilot/builder builds and flight

    Hello there, I just wanted to share a couple of my favourite Flite Test planes that I have built and really enjoy flying (Goblin and Mini Mustang). I started with this hobby at the beginning of September and it's been an awesome but also extremely frustrating experience. Just a tip for us new...
  3. P

    $10 foam glider

    my second successful flight we celebrate the small things in life. My first success last year flew about a min and a half maybe it was 20 sec you know how things seem forever when you’re in the zone and I landed in a tree. This flight I had really high winds I believe we had 1 mph winds with...
  4. A

    Brand New To FPV

    Hi, My name is Auzy I live in Los Angeles and about 3 months ago I decided I was going to get in to FPV I have been following the hobby for a while but never could afford it. So I started mowing people’s grass in my neighborhood to raise money to build a decent quad that was durable for...
  5. F

    Need help choosing 2nd plane

    Hi, Have had my first rc plane for a while now (P-51d ultra micro), and while I am not currently looking for a new plane, I suspect I will in the near future and would like some input from people with experience. Sorry if I have missed anything, this is my first time posting and just made my...