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$10 foam glider

my second successful flight we celebrate the small things in life. My first success last year flew about a min and a half maybe it was 20 sec you know how things seem forever when you’re in the zone and I landed in a tree. This flight I had really high winds I believe we had 1 mph winds with Gusts around 1.50 mph maybe even 2. $7 foam glider airplane

just so everyone know I was trying to be safe with the power lines. my brother recorded a video of me just before this when I was walking saying there's power lines over here and over there and I'm not that good of a pilot so I'm going to go over here. this is kind of a disclaimer.
It was a great flight until the power lines jumped in your flight path! The plane had plenty of thrust, lol.

Rebuild it and try again....different location though, ha ha ha. That plane is too quick for that spot.
its kind of hard to tell but I wasn’t actually flying that way lol the plane took a 90 turn off launch I was standing on what are 3 soccer fields it’s still probably a little narrow with trees on each side but it’s long I would say it’s close to 200 yards from the longest way and 50/60 yards wide I was just standing closest to the right side of the field . The nice thing about this location it’s 4 blocks away but for that plane I might have to go to the country probably get some flight experience also lol
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