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new plane

  1. Incader

    New FT P-40

    Hey @SP0NZ There is a new plane out, the p-40. ;) And I was wondering if there was a 3D printable spinner for it?;)
  2. K

    My new plane design

    Just recently I've gotten into plane building, this one took a few weeks to complete. here is my simple "park flyer" design complete with LEDs.
  3. macnerd77

    Advice: Need new plane

    I think I found my own answered the question below. The mini scout. Hey all, I currently have a ft mini mustang with a flitepack F and a 75C battery. I am looking for suggestions on a new mini plane. I would like one that flies slower and floats more in the wind. And can utilize my flite...
  4. F

    Need help choosing 2nd plane

    Hi, Have had my first rc plane for a while now (P-51d ultra micro), and while I am not currently looking for a new plane, I suspect I will in the near future and would like some input from people with experience. Sorry if I have missed anything, this is my first time posting and just made my...
  5. M

    noob planes¿?¿

    at the end of this month i am getting a plane. I was thinking of getting a champ.if there is another plane for under 120$ please help me .thank you ever so much for reading.
  6. Andre

    FPV The SkyMule or Not? Poll

    I'm really torn. I have 2 perfectly good FPV planes #1 The VAS Wraith and #2 my Bixler 2. The issue with the 2 vs the SkyMule is the SkyMule has landing gear. Right now I'm thinking very much about winter flying and fpv. (I wonder why). With the SkyMule on skis I could take off and fly FPV...