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noob planes¿?¿

at the end of this month i am getting a plane. I was thinking of getting a champ.if there is another plane for under 120$ please help me .thank you ever so much for reading.
It depends on what you want, there are a lot around that price. The duet is a great plane. I would definitely go with the sport sub s rtf before the champ.
With the champ and the Duet you will be limited to flying only on windless days.

You might consider building one of the FT planes like the FT flyer. You could easily get under $120 there (TX, RX, Power plant and foamboard), and have a pretty penny left over if you play your cards right.
my first 4ch was a dynam "icanfly" RTF. It was $120-$130. It has a small brushless motor and comes with a lipo battery. I had no issues with the plane, other than the weak landing gear that I often had to tweak back into shape. It flew great, and took many nasty landings/crashes and any time it did break it was a easy repair.


Biplane Guy
Ft Flyer, Champ, Sport Cub S, or the Duet would all work in that price range. Heed Stradawhovious's warnings about the Duet only flying in windless days though. The Flyer will handle the most wind.
^^^yeh, a $35 sim controller with a free flight sim can save you $$$. For some the reflexes come natural...for others there is a tendency to move the control too much and over correct, causing a crash. but $35 and a hour or 2 of time can save you from crashing that $100+ plane.