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I think I found my own answered the question below. The mini scout.

Hey all, I currently have a ft mini mustang with a flitepack F and a 75C battery. I am looking for suggestions on a new mini plane. I would like one that flies slower and floats more in the wind. And can utilize my flite pack f. What do y’all recommend?
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F pack is a little big for the mini-scout. it really does best on a 1806. it is also very light, sub 300g's, so it will get blown around in the wind. it is a great plane, easy and fun to build, but maybe not really what you are looking for.

maybe try the tiny trainer, alpha, or the f-22. the trainer will be the slowest and easiest, alpha is a very good flyer but still a little quick on 3S, and same for the F-22.

or, if you want something that can do it all, maybe try my Simple Delta. it doesn't look like much but for $2 of foam it will do everything.

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I was very satisfied with the performance of the Tiny Trainer using the F-Pack. It flies nice and stable and has enough power to get you out of a spot. The A-Pack just didn't seem like enough for the TT in my opinion. Then again, I have only built and flown the TT with the sport wing.

I have also built/flown the Mini-Scout with the F-Pack. It gets a bit crazy but if you keep your thumb off wide open throttle, it works OK. I did build a Mini-Scout bank and yank style (ailerons and rudder) with the F-Pack and it was awesome. Til the tree got it anyway.

I think you would be more satisfied with the TT and F-Pack based off of your comments.