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not working

  1. C

    what am I doing wrong.

    Hi, i am just putting the electronics into a FT Mighty Mini Arrow. I have a Spektrum Dx6i (with AR6200) and just got a RS20A 20A BLHELI_S. ESC. I wired it up as I had before (with a much older and chunkier ESC) but now my receiver is not blinking at all. The ESC beeps as I plug a battery in...
  2. Cookieman10101

    DSM2 Sat Rx No longer listens to input

    So i have a micro racing quad, the kingkong 95gt. i LOVE this thing, fly it all the time. However i recently took a pretty hard landing because i hit a branch, probably hit the ground 6 feet from the air. When it came back into the air i had no control input and tried to disarm but it kept going...
  3. zenguerilla

    yaw lock

    Greetings FT com. Is there a reason yaw would lock up intermittently if everything else seemed in order? This is the maiden of a mini with Naze32. Yaw moved fairly fine, ok, had not noticed anything until suddenly locked up. Trying to then move yaw a few more times it would twitch a couple of...