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what am I doing wrong.

Hi, i am just putting the electronics into a FT Mighty Mini Arrow.
I have a Spektrum Dx6i (with AR6200) and just got a RS20A 20A BLHELI_S. ESC. I wired it up as I had before (with a much older and chunkier ESC) but now my receiver is not blinking at all. The ESC beeps as I plug a battery in, but the receiver isn't blinking and nor do I have throttle or servo controls. I tried binding the model several times but nothing changed. (I confirmed with the help of a friend that the receiver works (we could plug his esc and motor into it and it worked fine).

What am I doing wrong? Is there a specific way to get the esc started? do i need to flash it?

thanks for all the help,


Old and Bold RC PILOT
It might sound silly but how many wires in the plug from the ESC to the Rx?

I ask because some ESCs do not have a BEC onboard.

Have fun!
You are right. It's only got 2. Missing the 5V BEC one. Is there a way for me to work around this or am I better off just purchasing a new ESC that has onboard BEC?

thanks for the quick help,


Old and Bold RC PILOT
Normally either buy a UBEC and fit both to the battery or buy an new ESC with bec. If you wish to kinow it is not a total loss because if you ever build a twin engine you already have one ESC to use.


have fun!