overheating issues

  1. B

    Help! Brushless motor getting too hot, impossible to touch.

    So I built an ft mini mustang and the motor got closes to 100 degrees when I checked it. I am using the power pack a with the Radial 1806 2280kV motor. I am also using a 3s 800mah lipo. Any ideas on why it's getting so hot and how to fix it?
  2. kdobson83

    Over heating esc?

    Noob question. How does one determine if an esc is overheating? I am flying a ARC Pirates Eazy, fairly small aircraft, smaller that the TT. I am running it on a DYS Samguk 2206 2400kv motor with a 5x4x4 prop and a 30a Emax BL Heli esc. I maidened it the other day on 3s and it flew awesome...
  3. bmarvin2222

    Overheating ... I think!? Advice is needed.

    I built the sparrow with a Emax MT1806-2280kv using the BL Heli 12amp ESC. I'm flying at about 2/3 throttle for 2 or 3 minutes, then it starts lagging and losing power. I bench tested with the wing off and felt the ESC and motor... both really hot. I just replaced the ESC because the prior...