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  2. BS projects inc.

    Monster Mustang For SALE 5$ lightly used

    Bring a net
  3. Grifflyer

    Plane Mighty Mini P-51B Mustang 1.0

    If you're anything like me then you'll like the looks of planes better when they have a razorback. While I like the look of the bubble canopy on the P-51, I prefer the looks of the P-51B which has a razorback style canopy. I reconstructed the fuselage of the FT Mini Mustang so that it looks...
  4. Crawford Bros. Aeroplanes

    Mountain Models P-51D Mustang "Dolly"

    Shortly after getting into rc I picked up a vintage Cleveland P-38 made in 1942. To prevent myself from destroying it I decided to try my hand at a more moderm model first, so I picked up a P-51 from Mountain Models. I'm already pretty far along in the process, this is where I'm at. I picked...
  5. cloudseeder

    Need Tx advice for new plane

    so, I decided to go with a P-51 as my second plane (I think starting with a umx radian prompted the urge for overkill). I know it’s likely I’ll destroy it, so I went on banggood and got a cheap RTF Volantex make. Now that i’ve unboxed, I see it even comes with a toy-looking transmitter (pics of...
  6. willsonman

    Winter Build 2019-2020: Top Flite P-51 (0.60 size)

    So here we go: So, for those of you who don't want to sit through 9:23 of thorough explanation I'll give a brief rundown of this project. @AkimboGlueGuns planted a seed in my brain that blossomed into diving into my engineering skill set. There have been a couple of great examples of constant...
  7. Wingman04

    Mustang or Hornet?

    I have been wanting to get a scale warbird for a while now. Now I have the option to either get a Force RC 1.1m Mustang, or a Force RC F-18. My problem is that my landing strip is less than ideal. Between the dirtbikes and tractors, my yard is really rough by most lawn standards. I am afraid...
  8. kilroy07

    Part Scale"ish" P-51 Mustang Exhaust 1.0

    The Mustang is by far and wide my favorite airplane. I wanted to add some details to one of my Flite Test builds for Flite Fest Ohio (2018) and came up with these. Slow down your prints a bit as the pipes can be tricky to print. I have a .3 nozzle and set it for .1 layer height. Infill and...
  9. K

    P-51 Mustang? help needed

    This plane came with a brushed motor I want to put a brushless motor in it. Plane has a 30" wing span and a 8.5x6 prop im new to the hobby need some recommendations on what motor to go with not looking for something to fast.
  10. Andre

    Andre's Durafly P-51D Mustang 1100mm

    Hello my name is Andre and I have a problem. I've not even flown the P-40 and there is another warbird in the hanger. I picked up the Durafly P-51D Mustang 1100mm from Joshua aka willsonman. How could I refuse a decent deal on a used warbird. The goal was to use the FT network to try and ship...
  11. steveo

    P-51 and B-17 short videos I took last fall.

    P-51 Taxi landing B-17 Taxi Power down Landing
  12. M

    Hobby People p-51 Mustang upgrade

    Hey everyone, I am looking to upgrade my HP P-51. Faster is the keyword of the day. I was hoping someone can recommend a engine and ecs that will work well with the plane. I am assuming I may need to strengthen the wings. But I did find metal tubing used for the wing servos. Wondering if that...
  13. Z

    Mustang Elevator Issue

    I have an issue with my swappable Mustang's elevator. When the servo pushes up or down, only the side attached to the servo really does any moving. The other half lags behind considerably. Has anyone come up with a really good solution for this? I tried to put a barbecue skewer through the...
  14. Blackbeltrrf

    Fying Penguin RC P-51 need Help

    Has anyone built the Flying Penguin RC P-51? I am in the middle of building it but am unsure of the provisions of where the design wants you to put the battery. In the build video there is a hatch at the bottom for the ESC but he shows taping it shut. If this is where the battery is to be...
  15. OmarEL

    P-51 Mustang Scratch Build with Guns and Sound effect

  16. J

    p-51 swappable?

    i think it would be really cool to have a p-51 swappable? the spitfire is awsome and a p-51 would be even cooler!!!!!!
  17. A-9

    WW2 plane chasing?

    Hi me and my friend got this cool idea. Maybe you can do some scale modele chasing? I think that the viewers would love the video. Something like this? Messerschmitt BF109E http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__17945__Messerschmitt_BF109E_w_Stand_650mm_PNF_.html P-51...