1. ScratchBuildMast

    Who is excited about the P51 master series?!?!

    I know I am, I am so looking forward to building this with my dad!! His all time favorite plane is the P51, and I am looking forward to building the Bf109 to “battle” with him. Plz post mostly P51 related stuff in this thread! Thanks, Meh
  2. Archimedian

    Scratch P-51 with scratch retracts and scratch shock absorbers

    All up weight- 405 grams Wingspan- 36 inches This will be brief. Please leave any questions, tips, or builds of your own in the comments. Most of the wing construction i will skip. It is a standard D tube wing. The ribs were made using the "sandwich between plywood ribs" method. It was...
  3. P

    Propeller recommendation for Suped Up Parkzone P-51 BL

    I just completed my build of the old-school Parkzone P-51 BL. This was my very first plane (was not a good choice for my first plane, but learned fast!)....with the help of a lot of glue. Found the airframe kit on Amazon and decided to make it a speedster. I put in a Power 10 motor, 40 AMP...
  4. E

    new to balsa

    Hey guys.. I have been building, flying and crashing foam planes for 3 or 4 years now. So I decided after I was flying more than crashing I would try Balsa... I started with a SE5a kit it was on sale for $18 and the build and flights were great. I found a scratch and dent p51 and ultimate...
  5. B

    My son wanted to make a "Flite Test" Video

    So I've started building the planes to get my build method down. I figure that I can work out my bugs and hang ups prior to trying to build something to fly. My son has been watching the flite test videos with me and loves the show - so I've been giving the planes i build to him to play with...
  6. Z

    Mustang Elevator Issue

    I have an issue with my swappable Mustang's elevator. When the servo pushes up or down, only the side attached to the servo really does any moving. The other half lags behind considerably. Has anyone come up with a really good solution for this? I tried to put a barbecue skewer through the...
  7. C

    Parkzone P51-D Mustang

    I just bought the new P51-d Mustang ultra micro plane as my first RC plane. I've only put two batteries through it but I love the little thing, it does very good. I normally fly an Axe100CP so i do have a flying base, but not on planes. Anyone got any thoughts on this ultra micro? the goods...
  8. R

    P51 swappable

    I thought it might be cool to make my own since I haven't seen them anywhere before. So here goes. Just like the other swappable planes I used the A and B style folds to increase rigidity. I creased the sides to clean up the rear and glued it together. Then I started working on a cockpit and...