P51 swappable


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I thought it might be cool to make my own since I haven't seen them anywhere before. So here goes.
Just like the other swappable planes I used the A and B style folds to increase rigidity.

I creased the sides to clean up the rear and glued it together. Then I started working on a cockpit and similar to the Baby Bleder build, I used turtle decks and paper to form the curves on the top.


I decided a 40% KF would be easy to build and replicate, and it allowed me to put a little dihedral in the wing.

Inside is the swappable power pod.

This is just a prototype phase but I'm impressed with the results. I'm planning on getting more foam board and poster board and reverse engineer the plane to make it even better. Scratch building like this was more difficult than I imagined but it helped to use my Hangar 9 P51 to get dimensions and measurements.

I haven't cut ailerons into the wings yet but I think they will be needed for stable flight as the dihedral is not much. The glide slope is impressive though. I was able to throw it and it glided better than the Fogey did doing the same test.

I am not sure what motor would be best with this design so ideas are very much welcome. Thanks for letting me share.

Lastly, if this is a complete success I'd like help to get plans out for it as I'm not sure how to do that. I'd evn be willing to send the parts into Flite Test if they are interested. In the mean time, I'm going to get back to work on this.