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    Material selection

    Which material i can choose to make delta wing?
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    Help! Plane design

    I'm going to build a plane with both manuvers and highest payload with single motor.I want to know which plane among flite test scratch builds is having manuvers and payloads?
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    Rc Plane with highest Payload

    I am going to build a plane not larger than 1 meter having HIGHEST PAYLOAD with good speed. I am going to use One motor. I want to know which plane among Flite Test Scrach Builds is having highest Payload.(or highest payload factor)? & thanks in advance.
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    What is the range of quadcoptors

    I am new to flight tests. I am exploring to build a quadcopter for testing. what is the maximum range that can be achieved by these multirotors. what should be the configuration of the quadcopter to carry a payload 1 Kilogram( 2.2 lbs. ) to achieve maximum range.