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    Need Help for NASA Unmanned Aircraft Project

    Hello Flite Test Forum, my name is Amit and me and my dad are amateur RC aircraft enthusiasts who are very big fans of FliteTest. I am highschool student in the central Ohio area. I am very passionate about drones and unmanned aircraft systems. This year I have organized a research project at my...
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    Material selection

    Which material i can choose to make delta wing?
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    Help! Plane design

    I'm going to build a plane with both manuvers and highest payload with single motor.I want to know which plane among flite test scratch builds is having manuvers and payloads?
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    Rc Plane with highest Payload

    I am going to build a plane not larger than 1 meter having HIGHEST PAYLOAD with good speed. I am going to use One motor. I want to know which plane among Flite Test Scrach Builds is having highest Payload.(or highest payload factor)? & thanks in advance.
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    What is the range of quadcoptors

    I am new to flight tests. I am exploring to build a quadcopter for testing. what is the maximum range that can be achieved by these multirotors. what should be the configuration of the quadcopter to carry a payload 1 Kilogram( 2.2 lbs. ) to achieve maximum range.