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Rc Plane with highest Payload


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I am going to build a plane not larger than 1 meter having HIGHEST PAYLOAD with good speed. I am going to use One motor. I want to know which plane among Flite Test Scrach Builds is having highest Payload.(or highest payload factor)?
& thanks in advance.
I think you should look into a versa wing...
My reasoning is that the more wing surface you have, the lower your wing loading is going to be regardless of what kind of weight you're carrying, also, at 965 mm span the versa is very close to your specifications.

The bloody wonder also has a pretty good wingspan to surface ratio and it should be easier to balance with the load on but you might have to scale it up a little since it's only 700mm if built to specs.
What Corbarrad said; but for those very reasons, a scaled down multiplane might just be the ticket. Unless besides span, you also have height restriction :p


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FT bloody wonder doesn't use drag for lift. It has an airfoil. Its also very easy to fly in my opinion. It was my second plane after the FT flyer. Quite stable with low rates on the ailerons.

A biplane might be an option as well. Lots of wing area since you have two of them. Not sure if that would still be better than the Versa wing though. The versa wing is a really easy to build, tough plane.