1. SavageX89

    PLANS, PLANS, PLANS!! - Printing Service

    PLANS, PLANS, PLANS!!!! Plans are a staple for many of us in this hobby. We use them on our builds and our repairs. They are a scratch builders best friend (even when we decide to deviate from the plans ) If you have plans that need printing, I've got you covered! With my LP-1030 I can print...
  2. Jesse Dupreez

    Saturn v foam model rocket build

    Hi everyone I am making a saturn v rocket out of foam I first tried to use Fusion 360 but could not flatten it ,so i decided to use gimp.... I am making plans it will be 1 meter or so high
  3. Jonny Gum

    Cessna A152 Aerobat (MS)

    Hello all, I'm making a return to the Flitetest Forums. I have been flying a lot of real airplanes, and one of my favorites is a certain Cessna A152 Aerobat. Naturally, I thought about making an RC out of the iconic airplane, but between my lack of free time and the Cessna being one of the least...
  4. GrizWiz

    GrizWiz-Plans Index

    All Right so this is my plans index, I will post my finished plans, beta plans and, plans for others As the time being I do not have many finished designs but, I have quite a few beta plans including chuck gliders and prop planes Finished Plans: Mighty Mini Bf-109: Bf-109 Full Plans- Build...